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If you haven't taken the 90 Monkeys 200-hour training,
please take our required Bridge Program (if you haven't already) as a pre-requisite before enrolling.

90 Monkeys Bridge Program

Courses included:
Yoga Alignment & Essential Anatomy and Yoga Philosophy Foundations Applied


What are the dates for the live weekends?

  • March 27-28
  • April 24-25
  • May 22-23
  • June 26-27
  • July 24-25
  • August 28-29
  • September 25-26
  • October 23-24

What if I'm an accepted student in 90 Monkeys current modular program and have already started acquiring hours?

We've taken this into consideration and will be offering special individualized tuition pricing based on how many hours you've already acquired. We're excited to welcome you with access to the entire online 300hr program with reduced tuition!

I see that I need to take the Bridge Program, how do I do that?

Click here to get the Bridge Program now!
Courses included: Yoga Alignment & Essential Anatomy Intensive and Yoga Philosophy Foundations Applied

Do I have to take the Bridge Program to enroll in the 300hr?

Yes! Our Bridge Program is designed to outline the foundational elements of our method if you haven't taken 90 Monkeys 200hr Training. With this program under your belt, we can hit the ground running when it's time to start the 300hr program.

Get the Bridge Program now
Courses included: Yoga Alignment & Essential Anatomy Intensive and Yoga Philosophy Foundations Applied

I thought 90 Monkeys Program was modular, has that changed?

Yes and yes. (it's complicated!)

Up until 2020, our program was indeed modular and designed to be completed over the course of multiple years. However, in response to the events of 2020 we knew we needed to take the program online in a start-to-finish fashion.

If you're already an accepted student in the modular program and you're fairly close to graduation, we're committed to getting you through the process with continued opportunities to acquire hours. At the same time we're excited to give you the chance to participate in the full 2021 start-to-finish program at a reduced tuition.

I'm currently an accepted student in the program, how do I know how many hours I've acquired thus far?

If you're interested in knowing where you stand, completing your hours, and having access to the new 300hr program, please login to your account on www.90monkeys.com and head to the Teachers Lounge to fill out a request to receive an audit of your record.